Occasionally, I will use affiliate links from networks such as RewardStyle to make a commission if you click on a link from a retailer then purchase from that website. These links store cookies on your browser for thirty days, so unless you click to the same retailer from a different affiliate link, I will make a commission off of any purchase you make within that thirty day window. I consider my recommendations a service and in lieu of free advertising for companies, I consider this a small exchange. If you don't want this commission to occur, delete the cookies from your browser before shopping. 

     I also occasionally accept free products from companies in exchange for a post and review. I do not accept items that I do not personally believe in so everything I am gifted is either made in the USA, fair trade, a local boutique, supporting charity, or supporting global artisans. Some sponsored posts are paid in cash in addition to the product.

     Please note: although I focus heavily on a less is more approach and ethical fashion, I also have older pieces from mass retailers that I don't see the need to throw away and may purchase something from such stores every so often.