The Colorful Antiquer

Polka dot blouse, Kate Spade. Skirt, J. Crew. Vintage belt, purse, sweater, and camera. Boots, thrifted. Friendship bracelet, DIY. Watch, Timex. Sunglasses, Ray- Ban. Photos by Reid!

     The mood of the day matches the outfit I wore to a tee. The colors in my outfit wormed their way into my soul and made me feel so happy that I was beaming. Typically, I stick to cream and blush tones (in fact, almost one half of my wardrobe is dedicated to such colors), but the shocking purple of the skirt is what drew me in. Matched with the confetti print on my Kate Spade blouse, and absolutely nothing was going to bring me down! I thought it was perfect that I decided to wear this on a day where we did one of my favorite activities: antiquing!

Mirror, mirror...
I love how this photo seems like it could be from a different time.
The vintage lockers I want in my future home.
Such pretty old frames!

     Although we spent about five hours meandering about downtown as well as a few other areas, I only came away with a glass Coke bottle (that I did in fact get to enjoy the contents of) as well as a clearance dress from Goodwill that will have to be taken in. I don't mind not accumulating things, though, it's the activity itself that relaxes me! What do you do to unwind on weekends?