The Fanciful Collegiate

Dress, Francesca's Collections. Blazer, recesses of my closet (Kohl's originally). Vintage brooch that matches the earrings in these posts (1,2). Vintage Dooney & Bouke bag. Gap headband. J. Crew bracelets. Timex Watch from Target. Land's End leather flats.

     Monday's outfit was inspired by something that I'm sure many students find themselves doing: rushing! Although specifically I'm going to be using my own experiences in college as an example, I know it applies just as much to high school students.
     As I was rushing out to make it on time to my 8:00 AM class, I realized that I had reached for several things that are listed as "staples" on almost any college fashion websites. Not only was I donning a blazer, a headband, and flats, but I even had my hair in the most stereotypical "college" style: a messy bun. However "essential" these wardrobe items might be, I definitely wanted to spice it up with some more luxurious elements, hence the bracelets, brooch, and headband. 
     I'm really interested in being able to put together a nice looking outfit even if I don't plan it out in advance. I think this is a really important skill if you want to dress nice for daily classes, so I'm thinking about doing a series of posts on my process of getting dress for school. Would anyone (college or otherwise) be interested?