The Florescent Academic

Neon cardigan, Gap Kids. V-neck tee shirt, American Eagle. Pleated floral skirt, Old Navy. Vintage leather belt and bag. Suede Bear Traps booties, thrifted. Golden apple necklace, H&M.

     Yesterday was one of those days when I truly felt like a "college student". I don't mean tossing around a frisbee and going to Sonic with my friends (that was Wednesday!), I mean that I left my dorm room at 8:00 AM and was either in class or worked on school work essentially all day afterwards. From this picture session, I went straight to Panera and studied for two hours. Not only was I feeling supremely studious today, but I felt like my outfit featured some good "academic" accessories, like my backpack and my apple necklace. 
     On a more poetic note, the droplets on the tree behind me were formed during a ten minute storm that took everyone by surprise. Our campus is right next to the hospital and the police station, so the peaceful moments post-rain are often pierced with sirens blasting to and fro. I definitely prefer to spend time away from all the hustle and bustle, appreciating the tiniest details before cramming my nose into textbooks for hours on end!