The Sequined Classicist

Sequined jacket, Gap. White knit shirt, Talbots (thrifted). Jeans, Pac Sun. Belt and bag, vintage. Shoes, Bear Traps (thrifted). Watch, Timex. 
     Does the fact that I feel most like myself in a simple white, three quarter length sleeve knit shirt, jeans, and boots mean that I am a boring person? While I never tend to settle for "minimalism" as my fashion protocol, something about the simplicity of this outfit combined with the nostalgia I feel for certain pieces I incorporated just made my heart sing. For instance, as I was posting about sequins the other day, I realized I had yet to even take the tags off of this lovely sequined jacket that I scored for sixteen dollars at Gap. It's one of those pieces I waited stealthily for as I was not going to give up upwards of $130 for a little bit of sparkle. 
     That aside, every single other thing in this outfit has completely wonderful memories and stories attached. I know that fashion isn't a priority for everyone, but the fact that it serves as one of the most powerful memory recall tools that I personally know of has to count for something.