Alice in Wonderland: Part Two

Photography and styling by yours truly.

     I hate to leave Alice with the Red Queen forever, but this is actually where my narrative stops. There is a possibility of adding some more characters into the mix in the future (Cheshire cat, the caterpillar...), but for now, I am at the end of my rope with this narrative project. I have preferences for which pictures from this series I prefer, but I don't want to influence any viewers' opinions. Tell me which ones (from part one and part two) that you have liked the best! 
      I am always very critical of my own work after I've finished it, but I definitely had financial/time issues with this project. Hopefully, when I decide to do something like this in a more professional way, I'll have learned what to do and also have other team members responsible for some of the things other than the pictures themselves. 
     And on a final note, I'll be scanning in the polaroids from this shoot as well! I had a ton of fun mixing it up with my tiny Polaroid so I hope you enjoy seeing the results of those!