The Graffiti Princess

Ballerina dress, American Eagle. Velvet bolero, vintage. Key necklace, Reverie for Madewell. Purse, Target clearance. Glittery ballet flats, JC Penney clearance. 

     I don't tend to run away with fancies of me as a princess, but something about the location and the little velvet jacket (and the red lips, surely) made me instantly think "Snow White!" While this isn't the shoot I referred to in my preview, I was definitely inspired by this outfit to put a narrative together. Luckily for me, the narrative photo shoot is actually for class. I love it when great ideas just come together and I can't wait to share the Snow White pictures with you guys later today! Check the blog this evening for some fairy tale fun.

     Honeysuckles are a sure sign that summer is on its way! Does anyone know of a perfume that smells like them? I know that there are recipes online to make some natural perfume, but that actually comes with an expiration date so I'd rather buy some.