The Fresh Perspective

Crochet sweater, Old Navy. Mint green blouse, J. Crew. Mint green necklace, Forever 21. Polka dot shorts, LC by Lauren Conrad. Black bag, Target clearance. Suede booties, Bear Traps (thrifted). Socks, Gap.

     I love the moment when you find  a combination of items that you've had forever that just works. I'll be honest, this isn't the outfit that I started out with yesterday. Having an eight A.M. class every morning means that if I don't plan outfits down to the last detail each night, I usually end up in throwing on a skirt and tee shirt: pretty basic. Mint is definitely having a moment, so why not put some older items in my wardrobe together in a new way?
     I think that this is an outfit formula that works well for a lot of basic pieces that people have in their wardrobes. While I realize that formulas don't always work out when it comes to maintaining a sense of individuality, one of my all time favorite things to do is to put other peoples' clothing together for them. Friends having styling dilemmas is a dream come true if it means I get the chance to help them out. That being said, while my advice might not always work out, I want to emphasize how much I'd love to answer any and all styling questions. Never hesitate to comment or send me an email about a clothing conundrum!
    P.S.- Can you believe that I've had this necklace from Forever 21 for three years? It's so on trend right now!