Let's Be Real

Tulle dress, Rodarte for Target. Cashmere cardigan, gift from my mom (Dillard's). Leather belt, vintage. Heeled boots, Bear Traps (thrifted). Purse, Target. Paper flower crown, DIY. Pictures by my mom!

     I wanted to take a break from my seemingly endless "cast of characters" that I title my posts as to talk about something that has always interested me in the blogging world. While the authors of the blogs I read seem truly wonderful and fabulous based on their online representations alone, it usually takes some hefty perspective to remember that their posts aren't their lives. They don't contain the true essence of the person wearing the cute outfit. 
     No matter how much I wish it weren't the case, my life is a lot messier than its presented in my pictures. It's true that yes, I actually did wear that floral crown and dress on a day full of errands. And yes, I really did practice my new ukulele at a local park. But truth be told, without the support (and don't forget indulgence, I certainly don't) of people like my mother and Reid, my life wouldn't seem nearly as photogenic. 
     Sometimes I think I get so caught up in making sure that my life looks good "on film" that I don't necessarily have as good of a time as I would just relaxing. While I might be the type of person to enjoy the experiences that usually end up being photogenic (for instance, searching for abandoned houses), I sometimes include "must be able to take cute pictures" as a standard for my outings. I haven't found this to be too limiting as I am pretty content with my modest social life. But I never want my readers to think that this blog is a completely seamless and effortless part of my daily activities.
     As I continue to develop my skills as a blogger, I definitely want to paint a realistic picture. After all, I think realism is something the fashion industry could use more of.