On Location: Abandoned Pool

     Have you ever felt so drawn to a place that you can't resist its siren song? Of course, there would need to be water actually in the pool for real sirens to dwell there, but I felt the presence of some mystical force in this location. Be it the years that have gone by without the pool being used or the way the light made the hair on the back of my neck stand up, there was something undeniably, beautifully eerie about the hollow shell of the once grand structure. 
     Perhaps it was the idea that people could just move on, forcing the pool to become a storage facility for the university theatre department. Whatever the case, the decades of props stored there made for some interesting scenery as well:
The theatre wardrobe was kept behind a fence that,unlike the fence around the pool, I couldn't figure out how to scale. I will definitely have to return and explore this area a little bit more because I can't resist the hundreds of vintage duds. 

     I've kept this spot on my mind for so long, it was surreal to finally be able to shoot there. Reid and I didn't do too much in the way of our portraits, but it definitely got my mind reeling as we took a few snapshots of and with each other. Stay tuned for the portraits we took (inside the pool and outside as well)!