The Optimistic Isolationist

Bird blouse, H&M. Purple asymmetrical skirt, J. Crew. Fushia platforms, Steve Madden. Leather belt, thrifted. Striped headband, Delia's

     With the amount of titles of my outfit posts that are essentially synonyms for being alone and being happy about it, you'd think I invented the concept. I won't pretend to be quaint and socially awkward as I actually quite enjoy public speaking and speak up in class pretty frequently. However, take me out of an intellectual context and sometimes I don't necessarily know how to behave myself. 
     That being said, I have discussed several times how connected I feel to the places around me in college. If you want a glimpse into what I was thinking, here are some pictures of my little red notebook while enjoying my afternoon picture/meditating session. 
(Out of all the nouns, places are my favorite.)
(That's my index finger, I promise!)