The Vintage Illusionist

Black tee shirt, BCBGeneration. Brocade lace skirt, Altar'd State. Draped cardigan, Anthropologie. Vintage belt, Margaret Smith bag, and shoes. 

     Although there are no real illusions present in my outfit from last Friday, something about the last photograph I took made me think that I seemed like I would pull a disappearing act (below the text). Maybe it was the haunting mood around the graveyard or the somewhat odd expressions on my face, but looking back on these pictures gives me a sense of unease in the best possible way. 
      I'm not big on the cheesy frightening things in horror movies, but I always seem to have the best connections with places or items with a lot of history behind them. I'm fascinated by somewhat creepy things while at the same time being too superstitious to bring vintage pictures of strangers into my house. 
      Do you have any interests that others might consider odd? What are your superstitious hang ups? It's a fascinating thing to learn about people, especially when applied to the realm of archetypes/the collective unconscious.