The Band Tee: Three Ways to Style

     Band tees: indicator of taste, holy grail of thrift store finds, and most of all, a sneaky way to add comfort into your everyday outfits. Although I possessed one band tee shirt back from the Flogging Molly show I went to during my junior year of high school, this year my collection has come a long way. I'm typically opposed to wearing tee shirts to class, but I always make an exception for those supporting my favorite bands. All three shirts are from concerts that I've actually been to: memories that will stay with me for years to come. 


     I know sometimes it may seem as though it is difficult to branch out from the stereotypical grungy looks associated with more vintage band tees, but these are three of my tried and true looks to express my love for my favorite bands. As if being reminded of my excitement over the concert isn't reason enough to pull on one of these shirts, they have the added bonus of being able to be slept in...a great perk for when I know I'll have a busy morning. With something as simple and versatile as a band tee shirt, there is absolutely no shame in wearing your "pajamas" to class.
     Each of these bands comes with a story for me. What are some of your favorite music groups or concert experiences? I hope you'll be able to wear your concert tee shirt with pride with these styling ideas!