The Star Crossed Lover

Velvet dress, TJ Maxx clearance. Black leather bag, H&M. Black T-strap sandals, American Eagle. Floral crown, DIY. 

     Although I had thought about doing a Romeo and Juliet narrative photo series for my current project, I didn't even think about the Shakespearean play while I was putting together this outfit. It wasn't until a classmate remarked that I looked like Juliet that I got the inspiration for some of my pictures for this post. 
     After that connection, this outfit really embodied everything that I love about fashion. The fact that I was a walking allusion for someone that day gave me a whole new perspective on how much I liked my outfit. As a book and literature fanatic, I love trying to make a combination of books,fashion,and photography, even on as small of a scale as my daily outfits. I tried to capture the essence of Juliet in some of the pictures below.

     I also just realized another interesting connection. The spot where I typically take my pictures in the campus woods actually used to be an outdoor amphitheater...where they would have performed plays like Romeo and Juliet. Who says fashion is irrelevant? The themes of this outfit are so interconnected it is making my head spin a little bit.