Summer 2012 Goals

1. Set up a sewing spot and sew, sew, sew.
2. Learn how to play "The Rainbow Connection" on banjo and ukulele. 
3. Start selling prints of my favorite photographs. Who'd be interested?
4. Take day trips to Chattanooga, Asheville, and various small towns.
5. Turn more of my imagined photographs into reality.
(Like this one!)
6. Be bolder in what I want out of life and take the necessary steps to do so.
7. Take a drive somewhere by myself.
8. Go to Porter Flea!
9. Renovate my room at home in whatever ways I can.
10. Do something totally out of my comfort zone.

     I have made a summer "list" every year since I left middle school. While my first was rather ambitions (probably around one hundred goals, I still have it somewhere), there are certain goals that are rattling around my head a little bit louder than others this year. What are your plans and dreams for this summer?

P.S.- If you make a summer goals post and leave me a comment with the link, I'll put up a link in the post as well!