The Summer Shakedown

Dusty pink cardigan, J Crew (similar). Burnt orange linen pants, Target. White ruffle top, Candie's from Kohl's. T-strap sandals, American Eagle. Vintage thrifted purse. Ray-Ban sunglasses. Thanks to Reid for most of the pictures!

    This outfit marks the last day that I officially lived in my dorm room. As awful as living in a 15x10 foot room with another person may sound, Ari and I really managed to turn it into home. I helped her move out the rest of her stuff after our last final yesterday and saying goodbye to the room was pretty odd. It's not as if I'm graduating and am actually moving on, but each year that passes in college feels a lot more significant than the high school years. 
     As far as the outfit goes, it felt very preppy-girl-goes-on-vacation to me. I'm not complaining, though. The pants feel like pajamas and look a lot more expensive than they were. I can't wait until my mom wears her pair (in lilac!) considering that she was the one who picked them out first. 
     As I'm typing this, I'm planning my first fun thing of the summer: a day at the lake house with family and friends! Expect pictures from the outing soon!