Just Add Water

The ducks I accidentally scared away. 
Crochet sweater, Old Navy. Toile print dress (altered) and suede booties, thrifted. Red hair bow, Goody. Pearl necklace, American Eagle. White stone earrings, shop at Myrtle Beach. Briefcase purse, my Mamaw via yard sale. 

     Lately, it seems as though I am experiencing a gravitational pull towards water. All of my favorite posts in recent weeks have involved the lake in some way, either as a backdrop or as the main theme (see this and this).  Living in a landlocked state means that the only beaches within an easy distance are those on the lakeshore. I don't mind being nestled in among the southern states, though, because it means that my appreciation for the ocean is twofold. 
     This toile print dress just seems to suit the day that I had in it: we went for a walk by the local marina and ran into some ducks as we were taking pictures. Toile is my absolute favorite pattern of all time- even over florals, chevron, or stripes. It evokes a feeling of old time royalty and is absolutely timeless. If I had to depict my favorite activities or my life story, I'd prefer it to be told in a narrative illustrated through toile.          
     What are some of your favorite patterns?