The Lavender Festival

Polka dot dress with lace collar, ModCloth. Sandals and fedora, Target. Woven leather belt and purse, vintage. Birdwatcher necklace, Frock Stock. Wayfarer sunglasses, Ray-Ban.

     This dress is the perfect thing to throw on for things like festivals and farmers' markets. A Christmas present from my dad's family, I had to wear it with tights all winter before I could truly appreciate how wonderful it has been as a warm weather piece as well. I didn't mean to match my nails to the flower of the day (the festival is pretty much in celebration of all things "lavender"), but they just so happened to go perfectly with the relaxing plant. Some find the scent overwhelming, but I have come to love the smell of lavender so much, that the bunch I bought at the celebration is currently sitting on my desk in my room. 
     In other news, I am currently in Atlanta with my mother on business. It's only a short jaunt, so it won't interrupt my regular posting schedule. But I finally get to see Moonrise Kingdom. Hopefully it will be worth the (over) 150 mile trip.

    P.S. If you haven't already, could you comment and vote for my entry into the Frock Stock Polyvore Challenge? Mine is entry number two. Thanks!