Sugar High

Mint green button down, J. Crew. Mint green statement necklace, Forever 21 (old). Vintage leather purse and belt. Neon pink skinny jeans, Target (pink found in stores). Leather ballet flats, Land's End.

     The only location that seemed suitable for the brightness of these pants was in the air. Luckily, there just happens to be a trampoline in the backyard at my dad's house. While there are plenty of blank walls around as well, I am glad that I thought to ask Alysse to take these while I was airborne instead of leaning against a less interesting backdrop choice. 
     Instead of trying to tone down the brightness of the pants with neutral tones in the rest of my outfit, I went all out and dressed like my favorite color combination: Daiquiri Ice sherbet from Baskin Robins, eaten with their famous pink spoons. Combined with the layering expertise shown in the J. Crew catalogs, and I integrated quite a few of my favorite things into this bright, preppy outfit.