Butterflies and Bicycles

Periwinkle Painted Lady dress, c/o Sugarlips. Boater hat with polka dot bow, F21. Vintage leather sandals, purse, and belt. 

     Because it was high tide the first time I visited the driftwood beach on Jekyll Island, I decided to get up first thing yesterday morning and bike over to explore it a bit more. I took off at about 8:45 on the three mile bike ride towards the beach. While that's earlier than I usually choose to roll out of bed, I think the best way to get everything I want to do in is by waking up as early as I can stand.
     The second round of the beach was truly magical. Just by pure luck, I got to witness ten or so dolphins swimming about just a little bit off shore. I only had my 50mm lens, but I don't think the experience would have been the same through a photograph anyways. As I've written before, I often feel more connected to places than people. This beach was no exception to this pattern as I stood and felt the presence of a force much greater than myself.
     After biking ten more miles (for a total of thirteen!), I was fairly tuckered out. I didn't spend any time  lounging about the beach yesterday, but the experiences I had will never be forgotten.