The Lighthouse

Hamming it up!
Confetti blouse, Kate Spade. Neon pink cropped skinnies, Target. Leather flats, Lands' End. Leather belt and bag, vintage. 

     Climbing the light house on St. Simon's Island will certainly never be forgotten. The first day we tried, we got three flights up when we noticed how dark it had gotten outside of the windows. We tried to pass off the sounds of thunder as something less menacing as we made our way to the top. However, soon after a few more loud rumbles, a siren sounded. I don't live near a waterfront or anything, but when sirens sound I am guessing it means trouble. 
     Trouble indeed it was. There was actually a water spout (pictured in my Instagram post from the week). At first we were told to stay in the bottom level of the lighthouse considering that it's a structure that has survived tropical storms. The museum workers quickly said otherwise, although the docent of the light house was pretty insistent that it was the safest place for us to be. 
     Regardless,we didn't get to the top of the lighthouse that day. Getting up the next day was no problem, however, and I wore my cheeriest outfit to try to ward off anymore rain clouds. It ended up raining for the greater part of the day, anyways. But I got to explore the little shops on the island and attracted a lot of positive attention in my pink pants. 

P.S. Mixtape Monday later today :)