At Present

Dress, Frock Stock. Red patent belt and navy bike shorts (underneath the dress), F21. Sea shell ring, St. Simon's Island. Suede oxfords, Gap. Sunglasses that someone left in my car. 

    Presently, I am still in my pajamas after waking up at 1:00 in the afternoon. I definitely don't lead some crazy lifestyle, but moving back onto campus well before classes start make for a big sleepover pretty much every night. Of course, doing nothing but running means that the times I actually look like the above pictures are few and far between. I don't mind as long as I get to insert a few doses of glamour into my otherwise sweaty lifestyle!
      I'm so happy to be back to taking pictures in the college woods. And in a new favorite dress from Frock Stock, no less! I don't have quite the sense of adventure (nor trepidation, thank God) that I did as a freshman, and my style is evolving right along with my attitude. Being comfortable with myself is a trait that I have fortunately been blessed with: a trait that I attribute largely to the way that I was raised (hello parents). However, this year I feel even more sure of myself which includes the way that I want to dress. 
     It has already been an interesting week that I've spent back on this hallowed ground (no sarcasm), and I foresee a really great year.