Birthday Snapshots

Pretty star confetti that I put everywhere, including my nails.
Tissue paper that my sister made into a wonderful creation.
My beautiful new record player and vinyl albums.
Strawberry cream cheese cupcakes that my beautiful suite mate Becca (Dorothy in these pictures) made me.
My cake with nineteen candles and a big one in the middle that says "Princess".

    My nineteenth birthday was a day to be remembered. The days leading up to it were so wonderful that I feel like I had a week long celebration before I woke up and was a year older. I "rang in the day" yesterday by sitting in my kitchen having girl time at midnight. My phone was alight with Facebook notifications for some reason as the clock rolled over and,while it took me a minute to realize what they were for, I literally jumped up and down saying "it's my birthday!" when I had the epiphany. 
    August 28th is my own personal New Year's day. I feel rejuvenated and goal oriented every time the time comes to draw little balloons in my planner. As far as recent memory goes, I really did have the best birthday that I've had in years. Sometimes, I find it hard to put faith in people to have a good time but everyone I asked to come celebrate with me did. We finished off the night by watching The Royal Tenenbaums (still one of my favorites of all time) and discovering new music. 
     This school year is already so perfect. It's low key, low stress, and I have yet to walk around without a smile plastered to my face. I hope it continues to my twentieth birthday next year (eek!) and well beyond.