Is that your other bird dress?

Dress, Knitted Dove (available at Ruche). Striped cardigan, H&M. Yellow leather belt, shopSCAD. Emerald green heels, Rack Room Shoes. Vintage leather purse.

      If I had it my way, I'd probably wearing something with a bird motif on it every day of the week. Our apartment is already covered with bird related things and my wardrobe is slowly on its way. The title of today's post is actually what my friend said when he saw me in the dress on my birthday as I was joking with him over the summer about my growing collection of bird related things. Regardless, I felt like this was the perfect thing to wear to celebrate turning nineteen. 
     Currently, I'm almost done with my second day of classes. I won't go into details, but I've already moved my schedule around a bit which I find somewhat disconcerting. However, I am much less of a recluse this year already. If I have one bit of advice to dispense to those of you who are just starting college it is to really put yourself out there. Be best friends with everyone and don't worry about looking silly or getting hurt. It's really easy to get your guard so far up that you don't have any fun, but most other freshmen are too worried about what everyone else will think of them to judge you too harshly. I don't have any regrets about last year academically- after all, I made straight A's (not-so-humblre-brag...). But socially? 
     I can only look forward now, but four years doesn't seem like enough time to really soak up how amazing the college experience has the potential to be. Why waste freshman year cowering away from social opportunities like I did?