Roaming and Rust

      My friend Zack is one of the most unique people in my life. After a dinner together at a local restaurant, he showed me this abandoned hotel in the strangest part of my town. Although it isn't pictured, we then went to play on the playground of an elementary school while we talked and dreamt about what we would do if we were kids at recess. It's moments like those that remind me why I'm not ashamed to live in a small town. Sure, that kind of stuff is possible in a big city but is it as safe? Do you have to do anything that creative to have fun? Probably not. 
     It might be a cliché to take pictures of anything crumbling or abandoned these days, but I understand why it fascinates photographers and explorers alike. I have to wonder about the history of these places as I ignore the "No Trespassing" signs. My heart flutters like mad as I gingerly step through the debris. While I'm not sure whether that is from the fear of getting "in trouble" or just because I love places like this to an unhealthy extent, my adventures are always well worth it.