Summer Staples

Emerald green blouse, Tulle. Yellow leather belt, Elyse Welcher via shopSCAD. Striped skirt, Tommy Hilfiger. Front flap purse and leather ballet flats, thrifted.

     I think I probably raved enough about the top here and the skirt here, but I love how classic both pieces are. The striped skirt has been on heavy rotation since I purchased it from the Tommy Hilfiger outlet store for about a quarter of its original price. It has just the right amount of preppiness to be worn so many different ways while always look classic. 
     The location of my photographs has actually been used a few different times. The deserted, gravel road that I tend to stand in the middle of is the road that my grandparents live on in Crossville. They are actually the only house on their street! The area isn't quite all farmland or anything that rural, but it is just sparse enough to still maintain some of that beautiful Tennessee charm. While sometimes I wish it were true, not all of our streets are so pretty, especially in my suburban town!
     Two final things about these photographs that makes them special: first of all, you are seeing the results of the first time I've ever died my hair! I had it done with I got a trim on my bangs and layers and although it is pretty subtle, I have been quite enjoying the change. Secondly, these are the last outfit pictures with my old Canon Rebel XTi because I have some exciting news to share tomorrow! Stay tuned!