The Lacy Lumberjack

White lace dress, Target. Denim boyfriend shirt, NY&C (old). Boots, Marshall's from last year. Vintage leather belt and silk scarf. Daisy earrings, Urban Outfitters. 

     While I couldn't actually toil away, chopping down trees in a dainty, white dress, I'll gladly pose among my family's wood pile and dream about various other "woodsy" fashion inspiration sources. Sure, a plaid flannel shirt,jeans, and boots has been adopted into all sorts of different genres of style, I prefer adding subtle elements like my denim shirt and worn out, beloved boots worn with a dress. 
     In other news, my posting might slow down just a bit as I'm working hard to finish my editing on all of the wedding photographs that I took last Saturday. I'm so excited to share my experience and pictures, and while I never saw myself becoming a "wedding photographer", I feel like this could become a valid part of my future career. But considering I'm not even 19 yet (20 days!), I'll leave my options wide open.