All that Jazz

Gold Jazz top, c/o Sugarlips. Denim button up, New York & Company. Black skinny jeans and zig zag print tote, American Eagle. Black loafers, Target. Leather belt, vintage. Black widow earrings, Two's Company via Dandy Lions

     I'm going to be frank. While I'm simple to please and am just as content to stroll about, looking at the leaves on the ground as I would be spending thousands of dollars on nice clothes, I'm a sucker for opulence. I enjoy the little luxuries in my life: hot chocolate with hazelnut, my favorite perfumes, cloth bound books, and vintage rugs. If something is glittery or shiny, I have to do a check to make sure I actually like it or if it's just the magpie instinct coming out in full force. 
     That being said, I couldn't resist this top from Sugarlips. Although shortly after I chose the top as this month's item I purchased this sequined dress from Forever 21, I am still just as thrilled with my decision. The way that sequins catch the light in photographs is something that I've never experienced. I've always loved the idea of mixing shiny things with more rugged fabrics like denim, but never had the chance until now. I guarantee that you'll see this top around many more times!