I've Fallen Like the Leaves

Merona cardigan from Target. Gingham button up, JCP. Bullhead super skinny jeans, Pac Sun. Suede McAlister boots, J. Crew. Thrifted leather belt. 

     Sometimes the simplest outfits make me feel the best. Perhaps I felt so good in this particular ensemble because I matched my boyfriend, Patrick, perfectly. Before we started dating, I always felt timid when I wanted to do "cutesy" things or wanted something that seemed too stereotypically "romantic". I seem to have found a good match because there is no short supply of these things in our relationship at present and I am thrilled. Often I find that when my social and academic lives are going particularly well, I let my blog slide a little bit. This year, because Patrick and I have such a good time going on little adventures and taking pictures, I feel as though my blog is actually improving. The support that I receive for my endeavors is incredible and I only want to keep getting better at what I do!
Could a tripod capture moments like these? I think not.