Cable Knit Heart

Cable knit sweater, Gap. Emerald sweater tights, Kate Spade. McAlister desert boots, J. Crew. Vintage wallet. Button down shirt, plaid Tommy Hilfiger skirt, oversized Navy bow, and leather belt, all thrifted. 

      As the trees are losing their leaves, I'm turning over a new one. I used to think that there was nothing better than throwing on a dress and flats and walking out the door. I've probably repeated that several times this fall. But I have a new addiction. Layers, and lots of them. While at first this obsession was out of necessity (in all the wardrobe shifting I did last year, I seem to have misplaced my winter coats...all of them), I picked up a new coat and I still prefer piling on collars under sweaters under scarves. It makes my chilly walks to class so much cozier. 
       I also enjoy the juxtaposition of my unapologetically girly bow with my menswear inspired shoes and collared shirt (actually from the little boys' secret weapon). That pretty much sums up my wardrobe in a nutshell. I will always have a special place in my heart for tomboy inspired styles, but I'm also crazy about sequins. As long as I can work them in together, I know I'll always have a style that I enjoy and can call my own. 

      Plus, as the above picture shows, I might wear bows in my hair, but I will ALWAYS be down for a pick up game of soccer. Always.