Chasers of the Light

Felt wide brim fedora, Gap. White button down,woven leather belt, leather travel bag thrifted. Black skinny jeans, American Eagle. Black loafers, Target. 

      On days when I'm feeling particularly restless, the best solution is to hop in the car with Patrick and to drive around the rural roads in Maryville, blasting one of the CDs that I made him. Sometimes, we scout out places that we think would make nice back drops for pictures. Others, I just let my hand languidly rest outside of the window (often, even if the temperature isn't ideal) and take in the miles of scenery. 
     Although this usually takes place in the middle of the day, in between the things on our hectic schedules, on this particular evening we were desperately searching for a place to take pictures during golden hour. I was dressed like a cross between Annie Hall and the Quaker Oats man, and I desperately wanted to chronicle the outfit. I had a place in mind, but had to pass it up because of the darkening sky. The diminishing rays of sun made me antsy: was I going to get the shot I wanted? I had an epiphany not only about letting some shots go, but also about not making my blog affect my mood so much when in the end, I can always go back to a location.
     Eventually, after many curvy roads and almost perfect locations, Patrick took me to a spot that people refer to as Eden. A little oasis along the curvy road that goes to the top of a mountain, Eden is an abandoned development that now only has roads to nowhere and foundations for houses. The view was beautiful. The lighting was ok. So we made do with what we had, used my reflector and his headlights, and came up with some of the most magical shots I've gotten so far. All in a day's work for chasers of the light.