Escape to Golden Fields

Yellow polka dotted tulle dress, Sequin Hearts. Red ankle boots, O'Neill. Patterned scarf and leather belt, thrifted. Leather backpack, vintage from my mother. 

     With my brown hair and yellow dress as the perfect camouflage, I recently set out to tromp around this perfect field. Oftentimes, Patrick and I drive for miles to find such a striking location, but this is a stone's through from one of the entrances to the college. Although we had to walk on quite a narrow stretch of grass next to a fairly busy road to explore the field, I'd say the results make the ordeal worth it. It's exciting to be taking pictures that I've only dreamed of taking before. 
     Our brief jaunt reminds me of how special it is to be able to escape from reality even if only for a few minutes at a time. I think that fashion blogging really can offer a beautiful alternative to the less pleasant aspects of day to day life. While the image of positivity and glamour can be overly cultivated, I remind myself that even behind the most seemingly perfect smiles captured in photographs, there are genuine struggles. I've taken, seen, and edited so many pictures of myself that sometimes I forget to even put my own life into perspective. But having such wonderful moments of connectivity to nature brings me, well, back to earth. 
     Where do you escape to when the world makes you feel blue?