The Romance of Rainy Days

Denim boyfriend shirt, New York & Company. Black skinny jeans, American Eagle. Black rain boots, Steve Madden. Black leather bag, H&M. Chevron scarf, Wal Mart. 

     When I'm awoken by raindrops tapping on the windowpanes, I know it is going to be a magical day. The weather patterns here lend themselves to weeks on end without rain, then all of the sudden we have day after day of torrential downpours. But the first droplet of rain that breaks the dry spell is always a cherished one for me.
     Grey, cold days have a special place in my heart. Not only do I get to break out my black rain boots that I love so dearly, but I also know that any activity I partake in will seem cozier. The light coming in through the windows of my living room is a little bit softer. The albums that I choose to play on my record player take on a more subdued tone. And pairing up with Patrick under an umbrella to run our errands just makes me smile.
      It's ok to take luxurious naps when the weather takes a kind of nasty turn. Even the simplest outfits look better because, hey, effort was made. Grabbing a cup of coffee and studying at the local coffee shop just seems like the natural course of action as the precipitation pitter patters on the windshield. I face some pretty bold opposition when I state that rainy days are magical, but hopefully this post has changed a few minds.