2013 Style Resolutions

     1. Experiment more with my tomboy side: It's been a long time since I refused to say the word "pink" and shopped only in the boys' department. However, that part of my style still has a place in my wardrobe and I'd love to mix in some more menswear elements.
     2. Buy less. Buy better: This is a philosophy that I try to practice regardless of resolutions, but after my holiday haul, I need to seriously rethink my shopping habits.
     3. Trust my intuition: The mantra that I've been repeating to myself lately is "If it seems too obvious a choice, you probably won't like it." That might seem odd, but with constant visual bombardment and inspiration from other bloggers, it is sometimes hard to tell what I genuinely like and what I respond to because of its popularity.
     4. Wear more red: It's one of the few bright colors that I actually enjoy buying and wearing.
     5. Save up fro something I've always wanted: Kate Spade handbag? Something from BHLDN? Anything is possible this year.
     6. Help someone else clean out their closet: To help someone out and to gain perspective on my own style/wardrobe.
     7. Invest in more classics and basics: When is this not a good idea?
     8. Compliment someone else's outfit every day: It makes me feel good. It makes them feel good. And hopefully I'll make some new friends.
     9. Shop off the beaten path: The coolest items have the coolest stories. I love going to estate sales and flea markets, so why not make it a point to do so more often?
     10. Make a mark: This year, I'm all about making my own legacy. I know I'm unique and I'm going to work harder than ever to make something happen with my talents.

Do tell, what are your 2013 resolutions (style or otherwise)?