Modern Romanticism

I was skeptical that the vine would hold me...
...but, as you can see, it did!
Striped super soft long sleeved tee, Gap (similar). Denim vest and sweater tights, American Eagle. Wool printed skirt, leather belt, and leather gloves, all vintage. Boots, DV Dolce Vita (similar). Green camping backpack, J. Crew. 

     While I've always felt a certain connection to the natural world, going to college surrounded by one hundred fifty acres of woods has really brought out the Romantic in me. I don't mean roses and hearts kind of romance, but rather the ideals that poets like William Wordsworth wrote about. Wordsworth reflects on the fact that the world seems to be in too much of a hurry to go out and appreciate nature. He might have been writing in the 19th century, those themes are still all too common today. 
     My love for walking in the woods or in the expansive open fields in this area has definitely been influencing my style. I've been tending towards a lot of natural colors in my wardrobe lately as well as picking out items that look stylish but also suited for a hike. My backpack, something I purchased with a gift card I received for Christmas, is both waterproof and beautiful. I've been wanting less prissy, dainty clothing, although I still have a soft spot for prim and delicate items as well. 
     These particular pictures were taken on a brutally cold day. However, when I get stir crazy and out of sorts, a picture taking session in the woods is just what I need. Not only did I feel serenity after literally hanging from a vine (a spot I would love to revisit in an ethereal dress), but I also spotted this little fella on the way back to the car.