Sneak Attack

White shirt dress, TJ Maxx. Grey vest, Target. Denim Champion high tops, Keds. Red satchel, Steve Madden. Spike earrings, Wal Mart clearance. 

     These sneakers add a certain "cool" factor to pretty much anything that I wear them with. Although lately I haven't wanted to wear them through all the slush and snow that's accumulated since these pictures were taken (East Tennessee: where's it's sunny and seventy during the weekend then snowy and miserable the next week), I look at them longingly every time I get dressed. I'm reminded of the phase I went through in middle school where I thought Pac Sun was the coolest store ever and my biggest aspirations included becoming a drummer in a Punk/Pop band and learning to skateboard. Did anyone else go through that or was it just my friends and me? 
     Of course, this just goes to show you that style phases you go through earlier in life can stick around long after you thought you moved on. Although I've left behind fitted logo tees and jeans with way too obvious butt stitching behind for good, I do find myself tending towards some old habits lately. Whether it's being inspired by grungier brands or heading to the boys' and mens' department for shirts and sweaters, I can't seem to shake some parts of the middle school me. 
     What I think are new directions in my style usually just turn out to be things that I've always loved in one form or another, and I think little-kid-me would be proud.