Top of the World

White short sleeve tee, JCPenney. Ivory and red chevron skirt, Target. Mint purse, Francesca's. Jessica Simpson Cranaby booties, Dillard's. Vintage leather belt, thrifted. Hand painted cardinal necklace, local artist. 

     These pictures were taken on what I would describe as my ideal day. This past weekend, the temperatures hardly dipped below seventy. Now, I'll admit that I have a few Romantic ideals when it comes to snow and winter weather. One of the most pleasurable parts of the colder months is being able to pile on the layers and hunker down inside, cuddled with loved ones (and cats) and taking part in some of my favorite activities: reading, listening to records, crafting, catching up on blog comments...the list goes on and on.
     But when the layers come off and the sun comes out, I can't resist fleeing campus for an adventure. As I write this, I'm currently looking at about three inches of snow outside of my window. But my heart really belongs to the warm weather and trips up to the mountains that occur because of it.
     This particular spot is one of my favorites around where I live. It doesn't require any strenuous hiking (as evinced by my Western style boots), but rather just a beautiful drive through some of the more rural parts of Maryville. It's a never finished subdivision that I've actually visited before. This time, however, Patrick and I decided to wander down the road they had paved that we aren't sure leads to anything. We'll find out one day.