Stripes in the City

Dress, Manteau (Marshall's). Cardigan, Issi (TJ Maxx). Red patent belt, Forever 21. Vintage Dooney & Bourke purse. Black wrap watch, La Mer Wanderlust collection. Black buckle flats, Coach. 

     The serenity of nature always brings me peace; but there is nothing compared to the energy of a city. Even a smaller city like Knoxville feels electric to me. There's something about urban sights and amenities that makes me imagine my future life, strolling downtown somewhere fabulous. Before classes for spring semester started (we have one class during the month of January; it's called a "J-Term"), Patrick and I spent a particularly warm day exploring downtown Knoxville. I went into several stores that I discovered that day, saw a sign that both an Urban Outfitters AND an Anthropologie are opening soon, ate in one of my all time favorite restaurants, and generally just enjoyed the vibe. 
     My outfit was essentially just a functional, warmer weather uniform. Flats, a dress, and a cardigan is a pretty basic combination, but I enjoyed playing with patterns and textures nonetheless. I find it doesn't really matter how simple an outfit seems as long as there are standout details that make even basic pieces feel special. That is the philosophy I've been employing in my purchases and ensembles lately and I can't wait to see where it leads me.
     Another great philosophy that I totally abide by was displayed outside of one of my favorite stores downtown, räla. I love going in this art based store for great tees as well as art prints and postcards. To see more of the stores I visited that day, stay tuned for my post on some shops in Knoxville later today!