Sun Spots

Grey pullover, JCP ($7 on clearance!). Leopard print skirt, c/o American Threads. Collar necklace, gift from my roommate. Black tights, Target. Red ankle booties, O'Neill. Vintage leather Dooney & Bourke purse.

     When it comes to photography, one of my favorite techniques to utilize is backlighting my pictures. Although the sun sometimes washes out my pictures completely, I find the unpredictable results to be desirable. The hazy, dreamy quality that comes from standing in front of the sun took me quite a long time to achieve. I would see other photographers' work and the magical feeling that stemmed from what I assumed was editing. While I do enhance the colors and sharpness of my images (I quite enjoy the way post processing can change an image), good pictures are made in the moment. Sun drenched moments are my favorite so I will continue to capture them.
     As for my outfit, I wanted to create a simple but unique outfit based around my prized leopard print skirt. I realized after returning to campus from winter break that my skirt had disappeared to the recesses of my dresser. I'm not sure about other college dorms, but the furniture that Maryville College provides us with has a nasty habit of eating clothes. Luckily, with an ingenious use of a hanger, I rescued my skirt and have been excited to start wearing it more once again.