20/20 Surgery

Red knit sweater(similar), cotton utility jacket (similar), Target. Patterned button up, Tommy Hilfiger. Dark wash skinny jeans,necklace American Eagle. Heeled lace up boots, Modcloth (similar). Vintage Dooney & Bourke purse. Red square framed glasses, c/o Firmoo

     I'm going to be honest here. I do not wear prescription glasses. In fact, although I'm sure it is on the decline from years of reading by lamplight and endless hours in front of the computer for design classes, my vision doesn't even require me to wear reading glasses. But I've yearned for glasses for as long as I can remember. Embarrassingly enough, I even wore vanity glasses in fourth grade, making my teachers believe I was vision impaired without my parents realizing it. 
     However, I am not ashamed to wear these lovely frames provided to my by Firmoo. They are the perfect accessory for several of my outfits. Sometimes, I'll put an ensemble together and something just seems off. Enter my burgundy frames. I chose the burgundy shade instead of tortoise shell for something unique. I love how the red sets off the blue in my eyes and contrasts with my skin tone. The quality of the glasses is wonderful; especially because you can get your first pair of glasses from Firmoo free- all you have to pay is the shipping cost. 
     While I hope to keep my vision in the shape it is in for quite some time, I still adore wearing these glasses. If I feel more pulled together, then there's nothing stopping me (even the stereotype of "hipster glasses").