Tradlands: Unconventional Excellence

     I first heard of Tradlands through one of my favorite Tumblr blogs, Lyla and Blu. I was scrolling through my dashboard, which is typically saturated with images of well dressed people, and I had to stop on this post featuring the Jones St. Stripe shirt. Something about the shirt exuded everything that I look for in clothing. I got that vibe right away, which means I was even more thrilled to learn about the back story of Tradlands. 
     Tradlands makes classic shirts for women. It doesn't seem like this would be such a hard item to find, but after years of buying my shirts from the men's and boys' departments, I completely understand their mission. As their about page says, Tradlands makes shirts for women who drift towards menswear and think, “If only they made this for me.” Now, high quality, menswear inspired shirts that are handmade with love in San Francisco are available for the tomboy and classicist in all of us. 
Western Addition shirt, borrowed from Tradlands. Orange circle skirt, Ya Apparel (boutique blowout sale). Francine triple strap flats, Plenty by Tracy Reese. Necklaces, Pac Sun.  Metal watch, Target. Purse, secondhand from my mom. 
     Not only do I love the premise of the company, but after borrowing two shirts from Sadie and Jeremy (being in direct contact with the founders is such a plus for me), I can wholeheartedly say that I love the product as well. There aren't many people catering to this specific demographic. While new bargain stores and e-retailers spring up overnight, such a well grounded, investment worthy company is a rarity, especially in womenswear.
     The unconventional but wonderful products inspired my first outfit featuring a Tradlands shirt. I wanted to show the versatility of the shirt by pairing it with some modern and trendy pieces to create a unique and gamine inspired outfit. I wore the shirt on a warmer day last weekend and I can verify the fact that these shirts are great for all seasons. I make it a point to only buy things that I can wear no matter what the season and all of the Tradlands styles fit the bill. Button ups are my ultimate staple. I can't wait to add one from this brand into my wardrobe.