Wishful Wednesday: La Luna

Moon pot mat, Fine Little Day
Title Unknown La Lune tee, Urban Outfitters
Moon phase bag, Lotfi
Moon wooden collar clips, Lady Bird Likes on Etsy
Moon phase stud earrings, Erica Bradbury via Cisthene
La Luna print, JSGD on Etsy

     Whether the big beauty shows up in the sky, on prints, or on clothing, I have a great deal of love for the moon. The main motivation for waking up in the wee hours of the morning to run (whether because I'm forced to in season or to avoid the heat in the summer months) is to see the moon at its brightest. It's worth the 5:00 AM wake up time just to see how wonderfully illuminated the dawn sky is by the moon. I'm fascinated by most natural cycles, so seeing the various phases of the moon also holds great appeal. I'm definitely going to incorporate my love of this celestial body into my wardrobe and decor this spring.