Urban Renewal jumper, found secondhand at Planet XChange. BDG Classic Oxford Button-down Shirt, Urban Outfitters. Ecote boots, secondhand. Bandana worn as headband, Urban Outfitters (similar here). Market tote, Herschel Supply Co. (love this polka dotted version!). Cardinal necklace, local artist.

     Although the biology class that I'm currently enrolled in is merely a core class that is required for graduation, I am genuinely excited by the subject matter. We started off pretty small- cells to be exact. But recently, we've been going birdwatching during our lab time and I have to say, I've been thrilled. I learned quickly how much of a hands-on learner I am. While we only went through the identification slides of birds once before going out "in the field" to see them, after spending time for two consecutive labs walking about and listing our winged friends that we spotted, I can identify many of the birds in our area.
      There's the whole cliche notion of "put a bird on it" popularized by Portlandia. It would be even worse of me to say "Oh, but I genuinely loved birds before that." I'm just going to go with the obnoxious hipster mentality here and say it's true! My mamaw has always kept bird feeders and houses all around her house and the lake house. In my own family home, we have a huge tree outside of our kitchen window that attracts several different species that we call "the bird tree". The tiny, flying creatures have always captivated me and I'm glad to be able to have a knowledge of them that extends beyond just wearing them on twee clothing.
    This is the actual outfit that I wore while going on one of our bird watching jaunts. While I definitely didn't whip out my camera and take these shots during class, Patrick and I revisited one of the best spots later on that day. While I love this jumper that I found regardless, I'm even more in love with this outfit because of the awesome experiences I had wearing it. It fits my current aesthetic ideals so well and I couldn't be happier.