His & Hers: Gingham Shirt

     While Patrick and I do actually own practically the same shirt (a long sleeved blue gingham button up), we wanted to style the pattern in our own distinct ways. Gingham is definitely a favorite pattern of ours. Patrick probably wears some form of the pattern at least two days a week and I've always had a soft spot for it as it reminds me of summer table cloths on picnic tables. Check below to see our unique takes on a pattern that's a staple for the coming summer months!

Gingham crop top, Forever 21. BDG Twig High-Rise Jean in Black, Urban Outfitters. Great Gatsby toe bag, Out of Print Clothing. Red square frame glasses, c/o Firmoo. Black woven belt and Cole Haan loafers, thrifted. Vintage scarf, gift from a friend. 

     While I bought this little gingham shirt before establishing my ethical shopping manifesto, I don't plan on getting rid of it. That would certainly defeat the purpose. I know it'll be in heavy rotation this summer. If I can't buy something made in the USA I might as well wear it often to feel less guilty about the purchase. 
     Anyways, all shopping qualms aside, I am completely obsessed with how this outfit came together. I was channeling part Marilyn Monroe and part my own interests. These pictures were taken on Wednesday, which was the 88th anniversary of The Great Gatsby's publication date. I celebrated with my tote and received many compliments as usual. I adore the little loafers that I found at Goodwill and I thought they completed the vibe perfectly.

Gingham button up, vintage. Brown straight leg chinos, H&M. Argyle socks and dessert boots, Target.

     This is a pretty typical casual look for Patrick. If he isn't wearing a tie and jacket, he at least jazzes up his look with some cuffed pants and fancy socks. I love how much the blue color brings out his blue eyes. He wore this shirt a lot when we were first hanging out together so I'm very nostalgic about it (it hasn't been that long...but still). Even though I have a very similar version in my own closet, I've borrowed his before and love the way it feels!

     I hope you've enjoyed the ways we've styled one of our favorite patterns. I suspect we will be wearing these things quite a bit this summer along with some other gingham pieces. The temperatures here have been rather summer like lately so we are just getting a head start. Be sure to stay tuned for next week's His & Hers!