On a Barrel Roll

On A Barrel Roll skirt, Modcloth (sold out). BDG Classic Oxford Button-Down Shirt, Urban Outfitters. Wanted Babe Brogue Oxford, Urban Outfitters. Leather bow belt, Gap (similar here). The Essex Messenger in bittersweet, Madewell

     As I pointed out recently in this post, Amelia Earhart is a personal role model for me. After reading her mini biography (it was an illustrated version geared towards children which I read for my Children's Literature class), I have kept her strong will and diverse skill set in mind. That being said, I completely swooned for this skirt from Modcloth. I'm sad to report that it has sold out since I purchased it, but if it is restocked it is a purchase that I would highly recommend. Not only is it made in the US, but the shape and length are absolutely spot on. Personally, I prefer fuller, longer length skirts to anything mini length and this skirt is flouncy perfection with an adorable print to boot. 
     The rest of the items in this outfit are some of my more understated, classic pieces. The skirt itself is the perfect template for a masculine/feminine mix because the shape is girly and retro while the illustrative print balances that out. I loved pairing the full skirt with a boyfriend oxford and menswear inspired shoes and cinching the whole look together with a bow belt. I'm all about hitting the right mix and I was so pleased with how this outfit came about.
     Another thing that seemed to fall perfectly into place was the lighting and timing of these pictures. Usually, I fit photo sessions in when I can. Whether that's in the midst of the harshest light of the day (like these were, for instance) or as the sun is going down (which is when I tend to visit fields like this), I try to make do with the light that I have. However, these pictures were taken earlier in the morning, around 10AM and while the stark sunlight would have been too much, the lighting in the shade of the beautiful Bradford pear trees was perfect. I'll definitely keep that in mind this summer when I don't have classes!
    When is your favorite time to take pictures?