Tricks of the Trade

Striped v-neck, Target (men's). Navy blazer and khaki pleated skirt, thrifted. Francine triple strap flats, Plenty by Tracy Reese. Vintage Dooney & Bourke. Bandana, Urban Outfitters (similar here). 

     Right now my style is trapped between full tulle skirts and denim shirts and bandanas. Slowly but surely, I'm phasing out what used to be the bulk of my clothing: overly saccharine, romantic pieces. I still have a soft spot for lace and tulle, to be sure. Vintage styles will always win my heart, even when they take the girliest of forms. While I might always fall back on my feminine, classic side, I'm transitioning into something a bit more...realistic? Tomboy? Edgy? I hate coming up with one word descriptors for a style, but I do know I'm headed somewhere different
     One thing that I've always done, regardless of where my style is on the "girly spectrum", is shop in the men's department. I like the fit, colors, fabrics, and definitely the prices better. For some reason, most popular retail stores always charge more for the female equivalent of popular items. I'm sure the garment construction is a bit more complex in some cases, but a tee shirt is a tee shirt. Anyways, this men's shirt from Target has the perfect slouchy fit and the stripes are thin AND the perfect shade of navy. I tend to get obsessively particular when it comes to items that I know I'll wear constantly, and while I was looking for a bit more of an investment (which I later found at Anthropologie) when it came to a new navy and white striped shirt, this $12 version is exactly what I need for the warmer months.
     This slideshow from Lucky Magazine's website really made me appreciate the ins and outs of personal style. We collect little shopping tricks and tips that we can choose to share or not. Finding things off the beaten path is one of my favorite ways to incorporate new things into my wardrobe. The story of an item is just as powerful as the aesthetic, so why not make it interesting?
     What are your secret shopping tricks? I'd love to incorporate them into a blog post at some point if there's enough interest!