Wishful Wednesday: Cisthene Silk Scarves

     Until I was in eighth grade, my biggest ambition was to become a geologist. From a very young age, I was always digging in my backyard, trying to find whatever treasures in the form of rocks or minerals awaited me. My reputation for collecting rocks was pretty wide spread. Pockets were full of rocks of all sizes. Hard earned allowance money was spent at those mineral souvenir shops. We even went on a vacation specifically to go "gem mining" and I still have the sapphire ring that was made form the stone that I found. 
      With that history in mind, it's no surprise how crazy I am about these scarves from Cisthene. The online retailer, owned and operated by photographer Jen Altman, is a curated collection of goods inspired by natural beauty. I'm crazy about everything on the website, from the jewelry to the leather goods. But the geologist in me will always crave a beautiful photo print scarve of a mineral to drape around my shoulders.