Wishful Wednesday: On Location

     Even after the hundreds of outfit posts that I've posed for, I still prefer to be behind the camera. There's a certain magic that happens when the location and vibe for a photoshoot is just right. However, I do know from experience that sometimes the best backdrops for pictures require a little bit of work to find. Whether it is driving through the countryside for hours looking for that perfect spot or walking through briars and brambles to get exactly what you want, an outfit for a day of photography has to be comfortable and functional. But who says it can't be stylish too? A utility vest is perfect for storing film and lens caps while also being on trend for spring. Those little booties from Modcloth are a photographer's dream: they are flat and light, but cover the foot fully so that sticks or grass won't stab  into your feet. While this is definitely my idea of a perfect ensemble for a day of shooting, I'd be happy to wear this any day.