Backless in Black

Black low-back bodysuit, American Apparel   Black pique cotton circle skirt, American Apparel  Dooney & Bourke Happy Bag. Low-heeled sandals, TJ Maxx.

     Black. It hasn't always been my neutral of choice, but I'm finding myself lost in the perfect darkness of the absence of all color. Although I keep my tone on my blog rather positive, my humor and personality both have their fair share of darkness around the edges. Few shades have ever been dwelled upon for so long. While black represents both elegance and mourning, rebellion and urban camouflage, to me the feeling of wearing an all black ensemble is nearly indescribable. 
     As the section of my wardrobe dedicated to the dark shade expands, I'm finding myself more comfortable with the idea of all black outfits. Typically, I will break it up with a different neutral shade or a pattern, or in this case a pair of coral shoes, but the statement that a striking black ensemble makes is matched by few other things. As much as I appreciate black and white imagery, a greyscale wardrobe is a natural extension of that aesthetic. 
     What is your favorite color (or lack there of) to wear?