Fifteen Minutes

White tee shirt, Gap (similar here). BDG Twig High-rise jean in black, Urban Outfitters. The Essex Messenger in Bittersweet, Madewell. Vintage Cole Haan loafers and vintage scarf.

    It took me all of about fifteen minutes to put this entire look together. From getting ready to actually shooting these pictures, the whole process was rather simple. While I don't admonish anyone for taking the time to get ready and put themselves together, sometimes there's life to be lived. I don't want to be trapped in front of the mirror doing my hair when I could have just as much fun if I let it dry naturally. Getting dressed truly is half of the fun for me. But when I've had more days that included nearly an hour of tossing outfits on and off in frustration, a streamlined approach doesn't sound so bad. If your outfit is looking a bit too "blah" (as some may find a plain tee shirt and jeans to be), add a scarf around your neck as you dash out the door, fumbling with your keys and phone, and be on your merry way.